Smiles, Inspirations, & Recommendations
The rhythms, rhymes, riffs, and razor-sharp storytelling of John Mayer.  A genius in concert - oh, the passion. 
Walking on the beach restores the smooth heart beat of the primal inner metronome after modern life has gnawed it ragged. 
Monkeys - in so many ways a caricature of ourselves, yet at the same time, possessing the  freedom of spirit we all crave.  I mean, really, faced with some annoying guy, who among us wouldn't  want to be the one who took aim and flung dung with great abandon? 
Tear-it-up rock 'n roll - of all flavors.
Get-down, get-funky, 
-and-stomped-on-it blues.
Bar-b-qued pork, macaroni salad, sliced tomatoes, cornbread, and sweet potato pie, with gallons of sweet tea to wash it all down. 
Holding a tiny sea turtle in my hand barely an hour after his dawn hatching, helping him to Mother Ocean, protecting him from scavenging seagulls, watching in awe as he instinctively fluttered his flippers in my moist hand.  Swimming...  swimming... swimming... Millennia in my hand.
The documentary film "Still Bill," about singer/songwriter Bill Withers.
A life lesson every few minutes.
Of course.
Writers conferences.  A terrific place to feed your muse, find your people, and if the planets line up, connect with another half you didn't know you had.
Cats.  From my first confidant, a Siamese named George, and now fat Nick and Nora (ironically after "The Thin Man"), and all the boon companions along the way and a myriad of transitory feline friends as well, to a Florida panther, Siberian lynx, and African lion, we have nuzzled, loved, and respected each other with grace and elegance and more than a few laughs.

"The Words," a Brian Klugman & Lee Sternthal film.

A perfect first date.  In our case, across a continent by phone with two synced dvds.  OK, so we're big, sloppy romantics.  
What of it?
End of the day, Home, Dec 2010.
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U.S. Navy's Blue Angels
dropping by the neighborhood
The Stick Marsh
15 minutes from Home
The movie, "Goodbye, Christopher Robin."
Families Are Great
In-laws are funnier, aren't they?  Or is it just me?